Uzhgorod 2010
2010, Jan, Sunday 16:20:43 posted by Judit Gecső

The CulturElle Foundation (Budapest, Hungary) intends to organize a gender conference with the participation of 50 persons in Uzhgorod in April 2010 under the title „The implementation of gender aspects on the basis of the ’Roadmap’ (2006-10) ─ presenting the experiences of the European Union and Hungary”. The duration of the conference is one day.


The main goal of the conference is to show the different methods which can effectively contribute to the adequate interpretation of equal opportunities and women’s rights in Ukraine. The suggested practice corresponds to the one of the European Union.


One of the goals of the conference is to show the results in the field of equal opportunities in Ukraine. Within this topic the participants of the conference would like to show how the notion of ’gender mainstreaming’ has been realized in the politics and economy. Further topics of the conference are:

-          the elimination of violence in the family

-          measures which have been taken to harmonize career and family life.


The indirect goal of the conference is to enrich and strengthen the participating countries in the difficult process of the implementation of equal opportunities. The participants would like to show good examples and solutions which could be adopted by the participating countries.


The topics of the lectures are the following:

-          the implementation of gender mainstreaming in Ukraine

-          the process of the implementation of the ’Roadmap’ in Hungary

-          the practical questions of equal opportunities in Ukraine ─ from the aspect of the civil sphere

-          the fight against violence in the family and the institutional frames of defending the victims in Hungary

-          the fight against man trade (one of the biggest problems in Ukraine)

-          the questions of the co-operation outside the European Union.